Our Experts

The three businesses of Gainesville Design Center are tied together with experts from every field. When you trust your project to an expert, you will be asked questions you never considered and shown products you never knew existed.

  • The team at GAINESVILLE FLOORING has been selling and installing floors/backsplashes for 25 years. JASON EVERETT grew up rolling carpet for his dad, the founder, Jack Everett and has flooring in his DNA. He has surrounded himself with a team of honest, knowledgeable and helpful salespeople and installers.
  • ELIZABETH THOMPSON has a degree in Interior Design from the University of Georgia and has worked on dozens of home design projects from new construction to renovations. Her House Dressing showroom has hundreds of upholstery books to choose from, catalogs for furniture and finishes and contacts with many craftspeople depending on what your project needs.
  • The team of paint specialists at GAINESVILLE PAINT have varying backgrounds in custom mixing, stains, industrial coatings and customer service. Asking you questions about your paint or stain project helps them determine the best product for your project. With paint technology improving and changing, they keep up to date with presentations from the manufacturers of paint products.